Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am so shallow

So I am trying the online dating thang, and it has shown me that in spite of all my progressive ideas, and lofty aspirations, I am basically just like every other jerk out there. If I was really the compassionate nice guy that I see myself as, I would be giving the girl with severe cerebal palsy a chance. It's so sad and brave the way she went out there and posted pictures of herself, mentioned that she was just like other girls if you know what she means, and dared guys to give her a chance. Sorry, but I'm just not that guy. Or the lady that was like "I'm almost 40, I have two kids, three teeth, and I'm 250 pounds. If you're still interested we can talk." That was it. She meant it as a joke, but I think it's kind of sad. So what did I do? I messaged the cutest girl I could find whose write up showed the most promise of being fun to go out with, of course. I'm only human.


bill said...

What you don't know is that "cute girl" is just a 40 year old who didn't get any action from her first six months. So she found a fresh face on Flickr, posted it on her profile, and snagged a young sailor!

Nancy Sabina said...

I'm just proud of you getting on there in the first place. Good luck with your dates!

Farmer Joe said...

lol @ Bill

Way to embrace reality. Own it homey!

angela michelle said...

I'm a fan of the cp girl but not the other. Way to self-fulfill your lowest expectations (referring to her, not you). Though I must go on record in asserting that almost 40 yos can be very attractive indeed. :)

Have you seen the Seinfeld where George gets a toupee and then rejects his bald blind date and Elaine says, "But YOU'RE bald" and George says, "I WAS bald" and Elaine grabs the toupee and shouts, "I hate this thing! And this is what I'm doing with it!" and throws it out the window.