Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 Months

I just looked at the dates on these pics, and they were taken 2 months ago. That means I have been working on this boat for 9 weeks with no time off to speak of. Blasted perfect weather. So I guess it's about time to actually post said pics:

These Seagulls were really excited about or boat that day. Either they thought we were a fishing boat full of tasty morsels, or we were kicking up goodies from our wake. They followed us for a couple hours.

This huge tanker was anchored in the way of our survey line, so we called the Coast Guard up and they made the massive ship weigh anchor and get out of our way. We felt very important.

A sunset over dormant shrimping boats. Nice.


Nancy Sabina said...

Good to hear from you. I'm so sorry we couldn't chat longer the other day when you called - but it's always so good to just hear your voice (as cheesy as that sounds).
Keep up the good work, Sailor!

Mark A said...

Money makin' money money makin'!
Cool pics.