Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

Thanks, Dad for:

Your ability to bear a virtually unlimited number of children on your back just like a horsey.

Making an effort to instill a deep, spiritual appreciation of all god's creatures great and small. Even the rare Omigosh bug.

Keeping a vast library of classic (and cult classic) literature. I still sneak books from your shelf when I visit. I'll bring "The Grapes of Wrath" back next time.

Teaching me how to hunt and fish, and then teaching me enough about computers that I don't have to except for fun.

Introducing me to Johnny Cash and Ray Stevens as well as Rimsky-Korsakoff and Mozart.

Reminding me to be good, and if I can't be good, to be careful.


Nancy Sabina said...

What a great list! Those items really sum up some of the best parts of our Dad. He is a pretty great guy!

angela michelle said...

nice. isn't our dad fun?

(you should see the negotiations and safey measures we now have to use to get everyone up the stairs to bed on dad's back. "levi, hold on to jesse! HOLD ON!" "Haley, stop sticking your fingers in my eyes!")