Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer vacation #1

Hmm. Three posts in one day might be a little excessive, but one long post just wouldn't do for such unrelated topics.

T minus two days until the first of the two vacations I have planned for this summer! The second one will be for the Ashurst and Benac family reunions in Washington DC, of course, but this one will mostly consist of a road trip with some friends to Michigan for the Rothbury Music Festival. Why drive 20+ hours just to go to a concert, you ask? Well, let me assure you, dear reader, this is no ordinary concert. The very long list of performers is headlined by none other than the great Bob Dylan himself! Also, the festival is four days long and will include many activities other than just musical performances. Also, I love road trips.

But before embarking for Michigan on the 29th, I plan to:
1. get dental and eye exams
2. get a Louisiana driver's licence
3. get halfway through the two online college courses I am behind on
4. spend a couple days in Texas with my family
5. buy some clothes (ugh, I HATE shopping)

It's definitely not gonna be one of those relaxing, do-nothing vacations, and I am doubtful that I will accomplish as much as I'd like to, but it will be a nice change of pace to live fast for a couple weeks after all this time just floating around the Gulf.


angela michelle said...

wow. that's some lineup. i'd be most excited about the black crowes. i liked your comment about seeing dylan before he's dead--since he's appeared virtually dead for years now. :) sounds like the perfect summer trip.

i think you just lack the right shopping PARTNER--you and i had some fun shopping, i in dallas i think.

bill said...

Josh! Were I not a responsible father with two kids, a job, and so forth, I just might be there with you. That lineup is great. Please take the time to see Yonder Mountain play. They're the band I've seen more than any other (25 times?). Also, STS9 is a favorite, and Tony Rice who will play with Peter Rowan is one of my favorite guitarists. He is so, so tight. Keller Williams is fun if you haven't seen him before, though he gets a little gimmicky if you see him too much. Don't waste your time with Umphree's McGee. Brett Dennen is worth checking out especially if he's on a very small stage, but otherwise maybe not. Do you know Matisyahu? I've never seen him, though I've listened to him plenty. You'll not find anyone else like him (hasidic jewish rapper/reggae guy). Lotus! Incredible funk, also I think an essential band. I've seen many of those bands, and this is my distilled list of recommendations -- every representing a certain bit of jealousy.

Nancy Sabina said...

If you happen by my neighborhood, feel free to stop and crash. I know Michigan isn't exactly our neighbor or anything, but it just seems like you're heading in the right general direction!

Jessica said...

When will you arrive? Our farm animals miss you!

Mom said...

A stop in Texas. We love that! We are going to be in Utah over the 4th though - hope it is not then.

Cheaper than the movies and there's free coffee said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Bill!
I also like STS9 and Matisyahu. Also, I'm a fan of Umphrey's, but I've never seen them live... Will definitely check out Yonder Mountain. Do you like Flogging Molly? I'm excited to see them. The original Irish punk band. I checked out Keller Williams on Youtube. Definitely gimmicky, but good music anyway.